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Average time to complete is 3 minutes 48 seconds.

1. Please provide us with your contact information.

First Name:
Last Name:
Main Telephone:
Website url:

2. Which one of the following best describes you?

3. How many times over the past 12 months did you recommend a phone system vendor to your client?

4. How many times over the past 12 months did you recommend a carrier service (POTs, T1, MPLS, etc) or a voice & data cabling job to your client?

5. Of the customers you referred how many ultimately purchased from your recommended source?

6. In your opinion, why didn’t customers ultimately purchase from your recommended source? (select all that apply)

I did not refer it properly or the customer did not trust my recommendation
My recommended source did not follow up properly
It wasn’t a good referral according to my recommended source
Strong relationship with existing vendor
Customer didn’t see the value of their product or service
They didn’t like my recommended source

7. In your opinion what Partner level best fits you?

8. In a better effort to understand how we can help you win more business please provide the most common reasons you lose deals? (select all that apply)

No relationship, it was a cold call
Not the decision maker
Too small/too big. Just not a perfect fit for my company
Other locations out of my footprint
Prospect had a strong relationship with existing vendor
Prospect didn’t see the value in having my product or service
They didn’t like me


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