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SMT-iSeries Phones
larger view Function Diagram

  • Top-of the-line model with style and personalization
  • Caller ID with photo (visual phone book)
  • Downloadable ring tones and pictures
  • USB port for connecting memory stick, web camera for video calling to other Samsung video phones, and Bluetooth® capability
  • XML browser
  • Supports optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 gig LAN
  • 4.3" Color LCD
  • Back-Light
  • 10 Fixed Function Key
  • 5 Programmable Key
  • Navigation Button
  • Easy Wheel
  • Gigabit Adapter
  • Wideband
  • Speaker Phone
  • Dimension 223 (W) x 223 (L) x 133 (D) mm
  • Full Duplex, 64 Poly
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