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Atlanta Outloud


Atlanta Outloud provides customized, high quality market research field services to clients across many industries. They are a mid-sized office site, utilizing 17 phone lines, a fax line, 3 voicemail boxes, and DSL for administrative and client communications, client personal use, and their call center. For Marianne Polk, president and partner of Atlanta Outloud, the telecommunications system is central to sales and operations within her company. For the system to achieve enduring effectiveness, Polk needs the ability to make system upgrades over time, while keeping system installation, maintenance, and usage cost effective.


While Atlanta Outloud’ DSL line has served them well, they have added staff since the time it was installed, thus Internet speed is becoming issue. A long term solution is needed. As is the case for many companies, quality is a priority, but cost dictates the purchase. The solution that Atlanta Outloud utilizes must take these factors into account.

DiscountCall Solution:

Polk’s relationship with DiscountCall was established over 5 years ago when she approached DiscountCall after dissatisfaction with a larger phone vendor. Randy Berlin, president of DiscountCall, facilitated a switch of Atlanta Outloud’ phone and Internet service to FDN, which helped them realize an immediate reduction in their bill from $1400 to $1150 per month. Over time, DiscountCall has continued to analyze their business needs and provide upgrades when Atlanta Outloud was ready. DiscountCall has also performed all installations and been available and effective when Atlanta Outloud has had questions or issues with their service.

Currently, Atlanta Outloud’ Internet speed is being greatly increased via a transition from a DSL line to a T1 line. T1 lines not only provide data capability, with increased throughput, but voice capability as well.


Once the T1 is installed at Atlanta Outloud, their Internet will function three times faster than with DSL. Since T1 lines have data and voice capabilities, Atlanta Outloud’ telecommunications costs will be reduced to $840 per month.

Overall, Atlanta Outloud has reduced their phone bill by 44% since establishing their relationship with DiscountCall over five years ago. However, their savings goes beyond cost, “Our telecom bill now is low enough that we don’t have to bill phone use out to our individual accounts.The cost is reasonable enough that we can consider administrative and client phone use as overhead. This saves me a ton of time,” said Polk.

She went on to say, “Over the years, they (DiscountCall) have helped us transition to the technologies that will help us the most, in the matter that would help us the most. Trust is the key to savings. I trust Randy and Robert so I know they are going to do what’s best for my company in terms of the products they provide. That trust saves me money, time, staff time, energy, and frustration.” If you are interested in learning more about how DiscountCall can achieve similar results for your company contact us.

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Atlanta Outloud

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