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Case Studies

Case Studies

Click the links below to learn how DiscountCall achieved results for a wide range of clients. Each case study highlights a specific business situation in which the use of our resources and expertise led to a desired outcome. Perhaps your company is experiencing a similar scenario, if so, contact us. We can produce results for your company as well.

Atlanta Ballet A world-renowned arts organization needs a better way to communicate between locations.
Connecticut School of Broadcasting A multi-location school needs a company to provide a nationwide telecommunications solution.
Atlanta City Segway Tours A new business with a short timeline for getting operations up and running and securing phone numbers for marketing purposes.
Atlanta Outloud A company with a large number of phone lines in need of a long term telecommunications solution that maintains the speed and effectiveness of their phone and Internet service as they grow.
Cargo Brokers international A multi-site company in need of faster connectivity from remote sites, along with a cost savings on their services.
The Impact Group A multi-site, non-profit organization looking for an affordable and effective option for providing and maintaining telecommunications systems at all their sites.
Law offices of Marko Burgar A law firm opening a new office while maintaining a full caseload.
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