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City Segway Tours


City Segway Tours provides sight-seeing tours of international cities via the use of a self-balancing, stand-up scooter, called a segway. With the success of City Segway Tours in other cites such as Paris and Washington, D.C., the company decided in the winter of 2006 to begin offering tours of Downtown Atlanta. The tremendous task of getting City Segway Tours’ latest franchise up and running fell on the shoulders of Joe St. Jean, operations and national reservation manager. Along with securing office space, obtaining the necessary paperwork, and hiring a staff, St. Jean also had to make sure that his office was functional for business prior to their opening day. One of the primary aspects of this task was securing reliable and affordable phone and Internet service.


St. Jean had a strict time line for opening City Segway Tours’ Atlanta location; leaving little time to shop around for the telecommunications vendor that worked best for his company. St. Jean previously worked with a well known telecommunications company but received poor customer service and had several billing discrepancies. The need to find an effective telecommunications vendor took on even greater importance because of their desire to place a telephone number on marketing collateral prior to their grand opening.

DiscountCall Solution:

DiscountCall’s relationship with Atlanta City Segway Tours was established when a colleague of St. Jean’s recommended DiscountCall to him. With speed being the most important factor, Randy Berlin, president of DiscountCall, quickly assessed the situation and created a solution that catered to St. Jean’s business needs. This solution included attaining easily recognizable phone numbers prior to the installation of phone lines.

In addition, DiscountCall gave Atlanta City Segway the opportunity to choose from a variety of carriers, allowing them to receive the best price on their telecommunications service. Also, DiscountCall completed the ordering process quickly, allowing Atlanta City Segway to utilize their service in less time. DiscountCall includes phone wiring as part of the quoted package price and adds personal touches that larger telecommunications service providers may be too cumbersome to accomplish. Whenever an issue arises with telecommunications service there is a live person available to answer questions and dispatch a service technician if needed. DiscountCall was a one-stop shop for all Atlanta City Segway’s telecom needs allowing St. Jean to focus on all the other details of opening his office.


Atlanta City Segway Tours successfully opened for business in the winter of 2006 and has been successful since then. “It has been like night and day, working with DiscountCall, the level of customer service has been excellent and completely different from other vendors that I have worked with,” said St. Jean.

In addition to helping St. Jean, obtain their phone numbers for marketing purposes and completing the telecommunications service installation quickly, DiscountCall selected a telecommunications provider that reduced Atlanta City Segway’s monthly bill (Internet and three phone lines) from $400 to $150 per month. If you are interested in learning more about how DiscountCall can achieve similar results for your company contact us.

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City Segway Tours

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