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Law Offices of Marko Burgar


Kimbrell and Burgar, LLC is a law firm specializing in trial practice, criminal defense and general litigation. Kimbrell and Burgar, LLC is opening a new Midtown office. Marko Burgar, partner of Kimbrell and Burgar, is in charge of insuring that the office is fully functional. Office openings, especially ones involving the conversion of a space, can be stressful because it involves the coordination of several vendors, each with their own schedules and requirements. Burgar’s stress is magnified by the fact that their new office is located in the Four Seasons Hotel, an exclusive location with heightened security clearance and discerning neighbors.


Despite being in charge of the office opening, Burgar must maintain his normal case load. It is important that his vendors provide services in such a way that the time constraint placed on Burgar is minimal. It also helps if the vendors are competitively priced and customer centric. Burgar is a savvied customer who won’t cut corners when creating a highly professional office environment.

DiscountCall Solution:

Burgar’s relationship with DiscountCall was established when he was referred by a colleague, who is one of DiscountCall’s long-term customers. Once Burgar’s business needs were assessed, DiscountCall presented him with a variety of carriers to choose from, allowing him to attain the best price possible. DiscountCall also completes the ordering process quicker than many other telecom companies, allowing Burgar to use his system in a much shorter time frame than in previous office openings.

DiscountCall also provides a superior benefit to the client because they convert them to knowledgeable telecom consumers. Many business owners aren’t aware that there is an order for which phone systems and service must be established. The proper order for phone service set up is as follows:

  • Installation of phone cable
  • Activation of phone lines
  • Installation of phone system

Some telecom carriers take advantage of consumers by allowing them to purchase service while charging them an additional fee to install phone cable.

“I found DiscountCall to be very accessible for all my questions. They were competitive on price and they were very knowledgeable. Other phone vendors I spoke with were not as knowledgeable about their systems,” said Burgar.


A month after their move, Kimbrell and Burgar’s telecommunications systems are up and running. While they have yet to fully furnish their office, they are able communicate with customers and conduct research successfully. If you are interested in learning more about how DiscountCall can achieve similar results for your company contact us.

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