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Our Team

Our Team

"I could'nt done it without my players." Casey Stengel

Our team is comprised of highly driven, customer centric, professionals who are trained to help clients with their business. They accomplish this with ability to create and follow processes in a team environment with green walls, smart people and a dog smarter than everyone.

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse." Henry Ford

Members are on our team because of their go-getter attitude and their ability to problem solve while carefully listening for what our clients want.

Randy Berlin - President

Randy Berlin The founder and president of DiscountCall.com, Inc., Berlin has been building relationships since 1996. In his role, Berlin oversees the sales, marketing and delivery of telecommunications services to all of DiscountCall's Atlanta and national business customers, an organization of employees, agents, contractors and vendors reaching most cities in the continental U.S. His day to day responsibilities includes the hiring of new salespeople and growing the Referral Partner Program with strategic partnerships and online strategies. His leadership by example approach has been popular among peers and clients. "I played on 10 minor league baseball teams prior to jumping in the telecom game." Berlin has been in telecommunication sales and management for over twelve years.

Berlin is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Sports Management. In his spare time, he enjoys throwing frisbees and tennis balls to Winnie, watching college football and trying to stay in shape playing basketball, cycling and kickboxing. Favorite color is green.

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Tony Miyares - Director of Operations

Tony MiyaresTony serves as our Director of Operations handling various relationships with Customers, CLEC's, Phone Vendors, and ISP's. In his role, Tony manages DiscountCall projects across all segments of telecommunication services to Atlanta and national customers. He is responsible for tracking order installs, troubleshooting customer issues, and following up on service inquiries.

Tony moved to the Marietta area in 2000 from sunny Florida in search of true autumn and winter and he now enjoys every moment of them. Currently, Tony is working on obtaining 2 Comp TIA Certifications; A+ and Network Plus. He has also begun the process of obtaining several Samsung Telephone System Certifications.

During his time off, Tony enjoys photography, watching movies, playing MS Flight Simulator, cooking, and hanging out with family and friends.

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Fiona Sites-Bowen - Project Coordinator

Fiona Sites-BowenFiona serves as our Project Coordinator, handling customer support, coordination of new installations and service calls with all Atlanta and national customers. In her role, Fiona is also responsible for purchasing, shipping and inventory management.

Fiona is a recent graduate of Emory University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Sociology. She moved to Atlanta from the San Francisco Bay Area, and plans to stay in her current neighborhood – the Old Fourth Ward – for years to come. She enjoys cooking, drinking coffee, and running. She competes in the Publix (formerly ING) Georgia Half Marathon every spring.

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Caroline Gregory - Major Account Executive

Caroline GregoryCaroline serves as a Major Account Executive, managing new and existing relationships with DiscountCall’s referral partners and clients. She is also responsible for new phone system and low voltage cabling sales acquisition along with T-1 Voice and Data services for strategic clients. By initiating and maintaining numerous IT Vendor relationships throughout the Southeast, she is able to develop and create unique strategic marketing efforts within DiscountCall’s target market – an area where enterprise solutions are most valued. In addition to this, Caroline also supports the direct sales efforts of various CLEC’s by utilizing our diverse product line and extensive footprints across the U.S. She has a great deal of experience in both direct sales and sales management with Cbeyond and NuVox Communications in the Atlanta area.

Caroline is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Residing in Brookhaven, she enjoys live music, attending sporting events and is learning to play the guitar.

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Johnny Crosskey - Marketing Representative

Johnny CrosskeyJohnny serves as the Marketing Representative, working with media, customers, vendors, and the community to build DiscountCall's brand. In his role, Johnny identifies key media and speaking opportunities, develops effective partnerships, creates content for ads, flyers and the DiscountCall web site, and manages marketing vendor relationships. All of this is done to ensure that DiscountCall is always positioned to reach customers. Johnny is in the enviable position of performing marketing duties for the premiere telecommunications provider in the country.

Johnny grew up in Tampa, FL where he suffered through the Buccaneers' dark years and was awarded with a Super Bowl in 2003. When not working with DiscountCall, you can see Johnny's work in the pages of ScoreAtlanta. Johnny is the Georgia Tech beat writer for the publication.

Johnny earned his B.A. in English at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL and his M.A. in Communications Management from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

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Calvin Kwok - Director of Web Development

Calvin KwokCalvin will serve as the technical guru behind the DiscountCall.com and FrameRelay.Net websites. His knowledge of HTML, databases, and user interface design will help make the websites a fantastic resource for business owners and network managers. He will also support our back-end program dubbed "Larry" which makes it easier for customers to find optimal telecommunication services through our portfolio carriers. Calvin has been successful in different online marketing endeavors and has built various popular national websites.

In addition to consulting for DiscountCall, Calvin keeps busy running his internet media company. When not working he can be found sleeping, or out jogging somewhere.

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discount-call truckOur trainers are the rock stars of our company. They're smart, super knowledgeable and they know how to make Phone training fun. We have trainers with great communication skills who have experience teaching thousands of people to utilize their communication tools more effectively.

During training sessions, they are always on the lookout for key features to be implemented depending on the individual user and how they communicate with other employees and customers. They are trained to work closely with the customer and the DiscountCall implementation team to make the training a great experience for everyone.

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Service Technicians

service techniciansOur Service Technicians: more commonly referred to as the Phone Guys get all the hugs. The nerve center of our ecosystem is the phone room where they survive and thrive. They are trained to implement the vision, are great problem solvers and have enough certifications to wallpaper your dream house…

Since we are a leading provider of Samsung Telecommunications equipment and communication solutions including, Samsung BCS systems, IP telephony, and a carrier service agent of the good ones; we require our techs to have experience and expert know-how which consistently gets them rave reviews from new clients who experience it in action.

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Winnie - Chief Greeter

WinnieWinnie serves as the Chief Greeter handling various relationships with fellow employees, the mailman and the UPS guy. In her role, Winnie oversees the day-to-day task of fetching frisbees and tennis balls around the office. She also develops and manages other dog and human relationships throughout the Zonolite complex. She is responsible for periodic internal mail delivery, outbound faxes and is learning to use the copier. Winnie brings with her almost eleven years of experience working on the sales floor and phone lab.

Winnie comes to us from the country of Belgium where she also has dual citizenship. Both of her parents were Border Collie show dogs in Europe and her breed understands over 220 words in the dictionary. When not working, she can be found fetching frisbees and tennis balls at Piedmont Park and spending time with friends who are all humans thinking she is one. Winnie lives rent free in Atlanta with her dad, Randy.

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