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The Impact Group


The Impact Group is a non-profit organization, based in Gwinnett County (near Atlanta) that serves as a community development center for low income neighborhoods. Carol Steier is the operations director for the Impact Group, which means she has a great deal on her plate. The Impact Group owns and maintains several buildings around Gwinnett County that provide transitional housing for homeless families, maintain rental properties, and provide educational services to new homeowners. Carol is responsible for all the maintenance, financial, and administrative duties that make the Impact Group run smoothly. The telecommunications needs of the Impact Group are among her responsibilities. While insuring that phone and Internet service ran smoothly was a primary concern for Carol, keeping these systems cost effective was also important.


The Impact Group continues to expand the locations for which they service those in need. This expands Steier’s responsibilities. It was important that the Impact Group be able to rely on a company that can install new phone and T-1 lines for all their sites, as needed, and deal with system issues as they arrive. The phone lines also have to allow the public to dial anyone in their building directly. Because the Impact Group is a non-profit organization this has to be an affordable option as well.

DiscountCall Solution:

Carol’s relationship with DiscountCall was established when the Impact Group moved into their central office nearly four years ago. Carol purchased a phone system from another company, however, this company was not able to provide phone lines; this was when DiscountCall was brought in. DiscountCall installed an integrated T-1 line (phone and Internet), using U.S. Lec, a national telecom carrier.


Through cost analysis, it was discovered that the T-1 line at the Impact Group’s central office cost significantly less per month than, having separate phone and Internet service at their other sites. “When we realized that we were getting the same thing at our main office that we were getting at our other sites, but for much less, we got T-1’s from FDN for our other offices as well. This cut our bill in half”, said Carol.

Also, Carol was so impressed with the individual attention given to her account by Randy Berlin, president of DiscountCall that she charged DiscountCall with the task of maintaining the telecommunications systems for all the Impact Group’s sites. By becoming a one-stop shop for telecommunications carriers and maintenance, Carol can now provide greater focus to fulfilling her organization’s mission.

“Their service is why I keep coming back. They are kind when answering questions. If they don’t know the answer they are willing to go out and find it. Many times, Randy has given me his unbiased opinion about what my options were in a particular situation. He is honest if he is not the best option. Being a cost savings for us and the level of personal attention makes them a win-win for our organization”, said Carol. If you are interested in learning more about how DiscountCall can achieve similar results for your company contact us.

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The Impact Group

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