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About Us

About Us

DiscountCall has taken a deeper look into the relationship between IP Investment and its impact on achieving high performance. Our research (which involved asking some of our clients who like us) indicates that high-performing organizations consistently align technology investments with business strategies and invest for competitive advantage.

DiscountCall is a leading provider of communications solutions focused on the design, engineering, installation and servicing of IP phone systems, low voltage cabling and voice & Internet services. Our customers have anywhere from one location to hundreds scattered throughout the US. As a high-touch service firm, DiscountCall serves the business with deep technology resources, industry expertise and tenacious ingenuity that creates a competitive advantage for clients.

As an experienced and widely respected firm, DiscountCall has developed an impressive portfolio of successful projects, including a broadcasting school expanding across the US, a distinguished 80 year old non-profit ready to connect four locations, a freight forwarding company with slow throughput between locations, and a law firm opening up a new office.

So we offer customers a broad choice of solutions, from basic business communications to sophisticated unified communications, from pre-packaged to tailored applications, and from an outright capital purchase to a managed service.

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