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Cloud Services

Feature-rich cloud phone system

Does a Cloud Phone System match the needs of your company today or into the future? We can help you decide.

Cloud Phone System supports your entire workforce, wherever they’re located. You receive high-quality service over a proactively-managed IP network. Account management tools make changes easy and fast.

  • Fixed Monthly Costs – Eliminate the need to buy a phone system
  • Flexibility – Support your entire company’s phone needs while only investing in the capacity and services that you need
  • Quality – Experience high-quality, high-definition voice on a professionally- managed network that prioritizes voice traffic over other types of data

Two Cloud Phone System choices designed to fit your needs.

  • Hosted PBX from one of our proven carriers that supply end-to-end support for the phones and bandwidth.
  • Purchase an industry leading Samsung OfficeServ 7400 IP Phone System put it in the Cloud for redundancy and eliminating the monthly cost saving money in the long run.

And two traditional choices that make it almost impossible to not do business with us unless you don’t like us!

  • Purchase a Samsung OfficeServ Hybrid Phone System from us and keep it onsite. Sometimes traditional is best.
  • Stay with your current phone system and sign a maintenance agreement with us. Dating before marriage isn’t a bad thing
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