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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

At DiscountCall, it’s obvious which color we prefer. Our symbolic green permeates our branding and shines brightly whenever we conduct business. However, green is more than just a color, it’s a way of working and living that honors our environment and helps preserve it for future generations. Below is a list of our environment-friendly green initiatives.


  • We have the ability to remotely monitor our phone systems. Not only is this a cost savings for our customers and DiscountCall, it reduces fuel usage by keeping our service fleet off the road.
  • Inbound technicians have an 85% first-call resolution rate. Our technicians are trained to ask the right questions and take the time to solve issues without scheduling an in-person service call.
  • We re-use jacks and cables, when possible.
  • We recycle all paper, plastic and glass in our office.
  • We use an eFax service, cutting down on paper usage.
  • We have a paperless billing system.
  • We have a virtual library of "how to" resources for all of our products.
  • We provide service locally. We have a nationwide network of technicians available to install phone systems and cabling.
  • We send old phone systems that have been replaced to a recycler who uses the parts for plastic.
  • Our logo and trucks are green. This may sound silly but with a truck like ours, how could we not be.
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