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Fax to Email

Fax to Email

Your important faxes are delivered quickly and directly to your email so you never have to worry about your sensitive documents being seen or received by the wrong person.

Fax to Email ensures you get your fax wherever you are –inside or out of the office because you can access it via your email. Conveniently store and back-up your key documents electronically, so your fax is as safe and secure as your email is, and you’ll always have a copy to print, send, or save for future reference. With Fax to Email you have the freedom to take care of your business - whenever, wherever.

Features & Benefits

  • Receive unlimited inbound faxes directly in your email inbox. View, save, print, forward or backup fax attachments.
  • Save on the additional cost of paper - you’ll never have to use a traditional fax machine with Fax to Email.
  • Everything you need to easily manage your Fax to Email number
  • Update your email address and the changes take effect instantly.
  • Associate a Toll-Free number with your Fax to Email number.
  • Add more Fax to Email numbers to your account.
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