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Average time to complete is 1 minute 8 seconds.

1. Did you know that Samsung who is one of the most innovative companies in the world also sells IP Phone Systems and has been for a long time?
A. No I didn’t know that
B. Yes I knew that
C. Looks like either way I get the this first question correct. Yabba Dabba Do!

2. Which Samsung Prestige Partner can sell and service anywhere in the US and has local service technicians that can reach any location?
A. The local one man guy
B. Your IT consultant
C. DiscountCall.com, Inc.

3. Which Phone System Manufacturer concentrates on the 8-400 user market and consistently wins awards with its innovation and ability to bring enterprise features to the SMB market at a total cost of ownership better than anyone?
A. Cisco
B. ShoreTel
C. Nortel

4. What type of service has the lowest total cost of ownership?
A. A hosted system I pay for forever and never own
B. a system with a strong warranty and the ability to manage it myself using user friendly GUI tools
C. an antiquated traditional style phone system that I must pay someone else to manage for me

5. Which Phone System Manufacturer doesn’t charge per license when adding up the VoIP ports needed for connectivity?
A. Cisco
B. Avaya
C. ShoreTel

6. Which Phone System Manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty on IP Systems and a 3 year warranty on IP Phones and unlimited software upgrades at no extra cost?
A. Cisco Call Manager
B. Inter-Tel
C. Nortel

7. Which top of the line phone supports Video, Bluetooth, USB and Gigabit Ethernet while not needing a separate VPN connection to connect to the IP System?
A. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G
B. Avaya 9670G IP
C. ShoreTel IP 565g

8. This question is brought to you by my friend Addie. A cowboy rides into town on Friday, he leaves 3 days later on Friday. How did he do it?
A. I dunno, I’m too tired from the seven other questions above.
B. Horse is named Sammy Samsung
C. Horse is named Friday

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