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Dynamic IP

Dynamic IP

Dynamic IP solutions provide a single network connection for both your voice and high-speed internet services. This IP platform maximizes performance by intelligently allocating bandwidth appropriately based on the call volume or internet usage your office requires at any given time.

Dynamic IP Bundles provide an intelligent platform that allows your business to expand efficiently and easily by bonding circuits for up to 20Mbps of bandwidth. In addition to this, you may select from a collection of enhanced calling features and managed services.


  • Package Includes: Standard speeds of up to 20Mbps; Symmetrical upload and download speeds; Long Distance and Calling Features; Web Hosting, DNS and Email Accounts.
  • Voice prioritization
  • Dedicated and Private Connection over a Secure Network
  • SIP, Digital and Analog Configurations
  • Managed Router
  • Static IP Addresses based on your Individual Network Configuration
  • Inbound and Outbound Long Distance Minutes

Advantages of a Dynamic IP Bundle

  • Quality of Service:state-of-the-art, fully-redundant IP network and on-premise integrated access devices to ensure the highest quality of service.
  • Future-Proof Your Network:Dynamic IP works with your existing equipment while providing a foundation to easily upgrade to more advanced systems in the future.
  • Local Support:Locally-based technical support so provisioning and upgrades are done quickly. Network Operations Centers (NOC) provide 24/7 proactive network management and support.
  • • SIP, Digital and Analog Configurations:No matter what platform your existing equipment requires, a Dynamic IP bundle will support. Create unique configurations that support both analog and digital devices along with enhanced call routing specifications.

Why clients buy Dynamic IP from DiscountCall:

  • Flexibility - Our selection of providers and access technologies allows us to tailor the most appropriate solution based on our client’s business environment and footprint requirements. We can also seamlessly integrate with other site-to-site and remote access VPN tunnels and security services.
  • Pricing - Our group of highly-skilled and experienced personnel help save time and money during site qualification and installation process.
  • Discounts on new Phone Systems - Our business model enables us to provide you with discounts on new phone system purchases or upgrades to your existing system.
  • Support - Our inbound team answers the phone quickly and manages trouble tickets on your behalf bypassing possible long wait times.
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