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Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) PRI is a standard, all digital technology that gives you simultaneous, integrated voice and data capabilities. ISDN PRI is an ideal solution for growing and large businesses that need a cost-effective solution for clear voice and high-quality data traffic.

ISDN PRI provides:

  • Guaranteed dynamic bandwidth over a dedicated connection.
  • The ability to prioritize call demand for each type of traffic (DID, DOD, data and toll-free)
  • A wide range of features at one standard cost.


  • DID, DOD, Data and Toll-Free Support
  • Call-by-Call Service
  • Calling Line ID/Calling Line ID Blocking
  • Non-Facilities Associated Signaling
  • Back-Up D Channel
  • 64 Kbps Clear Channel

Why clients buy ISDN PRI from DiscountCall:

  • Flexibility - Our selection of providers and access technologies allows us to tailor the most appropriate solution based on our client’s business environment and footprint requirements. We can also seamlessly integrate with other site-to-site and remote access VPN tunnels and security services.
  • Pricing - Our group of highly-skilled and experienced personnel help save time and money during site qualification and installation process.
  • Discounts on new Phone Systems - Our business model enables us to provide you with discounts on new phone system purchases or upgrades to your existing system.
  • Support - Our inbound team answers the phone quickly and manages trouble tickets on your behalf bypassing possible long wait times.
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