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Our Team

Our Team

"I could not have done it without my players." Casey Stengel

Our team is comprised of highly driven, customer centric, professionals who are trained to help clients with their business.

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse." Henry Ford

Members are on our team because of their go-getter attitude and their ability to problem solve while carefully listening for what our clients want.

News Flash! Rottweiler Systems acquires Discountcall.com.

Rottweiler Systems, Inc. acquires both the domain Discountcall.com and associated telephone number.

Rottweiler welcomes those who have depended upon continued services which were once offered
through Discountcall.com and now are support through Rottweiler Systems, Inc.

Rottweiler Systems continutes exceeding customer expectations while offering service and support for any business
who needs reliable communications and associated support.

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Telephone System Service ProviderOur trainers are the rock stars of our company. They're smart, super knowledgeable and they know how to make Phone training fun. We have trainers with great communication skills who have experience teaching thousands of people to utilize their communication tools more effectively.

During training sessions, they are always on the lookout for key features to be implemented depending on the individual user and how they communicate with other employees and customers. They are trained to work closely with the customer and the DiscountCall implementation team to make the training a great experience for everyone.

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Service Technicians

As the leading provider of Samsung Telecommunications equipment and communication solutions which include, Samsung BCS systems, IP telephony, and a carrier service agent of the good ones; we require our techs to have experience and expert know-how which consistently gets them rave reviews from new clients who experience it in action.

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