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Payment Terms & Financing Options

Financing Options

Increasingly, organizations are discovering that it actually costs more to keep an existing communications solution than to switch to a Samsung system provided by DiscountCall. DiscountCall has partnered with leading financial service companies to offer three financing options that enable you to preserve capital while reducing costs and protecting your investment.

$1 Out

This lease allows customers to purchase all equipment at the end of the lease term for $1. This is the most popular option. Although it does not qualify as an off-balance-sheet item, the customer may decide to own the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Fair Market (FMV) Lease

The FMV Lease may qualify as an off-balance-sheet transaction and allows customers to return the equipment at the end of the term, or purchase it for the "Fair Market Value."

The Technology Refresh Option

The Technology Refresh Option has many attributes of a fair market (FMV) lease and allows customers to replace their entire system using a "System Replacement Guarantee." The replacement can be made at any time, and without financial penalties. Advantages:

  • System Replacement Guarantee: No waiting period, no rollover, and no hidden costs, which provides "peace of mind" protection against disruptive technologies and the unexpected.
  • Tax benefits: These include fully deductible payments and help you avoid the need for capital expenditure budgets with an operating expense solution.
  • Balance sheet finance: Structured to qualify.
  • Flexible end-of-term options: Renew at a reduced monthly rate and retain the System Replacement Guarantee, or finance the purchase, replace the system, or return equipment. You decide.

Purchase Options

Check or Credit Card

For all hardware purchases, we require full payment upfront (min 14 days in advance) to secure day and time of installation or upgrade. This is how we deliver remarkable service and exceed your expectations while serving other clients and keeping our costs down. We accept credit cards and business checks. We do not accept cash, wire transfers, bank checks, coins or civil war notes.

On-Site Service Calls

Current Maintenance Advantage Clients - No charge for service work.

Current Clients without Maintenance Advantage - Net-10 terms available on service work for established clients with an acceptable payment history.

New Clients - Full payment is required upon completion of service work and can be given to our Systems Technician or if using a credit card, a Credit Card form must be completed before services are rendered.

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