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Resource Guide

Resource Guide

A large part of the quality service that we provide for customers is our outstanding products. Our vendors represent the highest level of service and performance available in the telecommunications industry. To further aid our customers we have provided a list of resource documents designed to aid customers in the proper use of their phone system and services.

Windstream Helpful Resources and Available Services

Protecting Your PC

Did you know that the majority of corporate data originates with PC users-often on laptops or home computers outside the firewall? Computer viruses, laptop thefts, equipment failure, and even simple user mistakes threaten your company's mission-critical data. Windstream virtually eliminates the risk of PC data loss by automatically backing up desktop and laptop computers as users go about their usual tasks.

Protecting Your Email

Our email security solutions include email storage, secure email for confidential transactions, and spam and anti-virus applications. All of these features can be accessed through our online portal to make real-time updates to your services.

Spam Filters:

Consider this: new breeds of spam are created every day. And spam is becoming more and more offensive.

Windstream can help you reduce inappropriate messages and viruses before they reach your inbox, saving you time and money while reducing frustration. And the best part: this service is available to all Windstream email customers at no charge!

To help combat spam, Windstream is constantly updating and enhancing our spam blocking capabilities. Our customer-controlled junk email filter that reduces unwanted email allowing you to:

Determine the settings that work for your business:

  • Sensitivity of the filter
  • Automatic email mail purging—on your schedule
  • Frequency of Junk Mail Folder purge
  • White lists—ensure important messages that you want to receive can pass through the filter
  • Black lists—quickly discarding unwanted messages

The Windstream Edge

  • Anti-virus scanning is included to help prevent infected emails and attachments from entering inboxes.
  • Anti-virus software is updated real-time, ensuring that customers always receive the maximum protection. If Windstream detects a virus in an email message, it is automatically cleaned and forwarded to both the sender and receiver, accompanied by a note alerting them of this protective measure taken by Windstream.
  • With our service, you can quickly filter multiple domains.
  • Our spam filter is easily accessible and allows you to manage your settings in real-time.
  • Perhaps the greatest advantage: for Windstream email customers, the service is free.

Paetec Trouble Report Customer Check List

Power Outage:

Has there been a recent power outage in your serving area? This situation often poses problems for our customers because their equipment is out of sync when power is restored. In most likelihood your system may need to be re-started to gain synchronization with the associated equipment.

Please note: Do not attempt to re-start equipment without first advising your equipment vendor/supplier or other qualified professional in advance. Improper re-starting of equipment could result in damage to your equipment and/or loss of software settings.

Customers With Provided Equipment – Voice

  • Some of our customers are required to provide equipment on site for their communications systems to function properly with our service. These are commonly known as “Channel Bank” and are marked with a sticker with the logo. Before reporting trouble please check the following and prepare to give this information to the service representative when reporting a trouble.
  • Is there power to the service unit?
  • Are there any LED lit as “red”, “amber” or “orange”? “All green” normally indicates the unit is performing as required. If it is not "all green" call your equipment vendor/supplier in order to address the trouble.
  • Are all lines down in the office or just one or a few?

Customers With No Provided Equipment – DTI

  • Does the equipment have power? You can call out but can’t be called? Call equipment vendor/supplier.
  • Calls can be made station-to-station but not outside? Completely down? Report to your phone vendor.

Data Customers

Please check the following items and have information available when reporting trouble.

  • Does the equipment have power?
  • Are all cable connections securely connected?
  • Can you gain access to the LAN applications?
  • Can you send and receive email?
  • Has your data vendor/supplier been notified?
  • Are “in-house” PC applications configured correctly?

Please have the following information available when reporting Trouble.

  • All the information from above as it applies to the situation you are reporting
  • The exact name of your business as it appears on the billing statement
  • Your name and/or a contact name and number for which you want updates reported and with the authority to close the ticket once resolution had been made
  • If service is completely down, an emergency number you can be reached for further updates.
  • If you are reporting calling issues, a list of all numbers called with the numbers called from. Dates and times are especially helpful in diagnosing these types of problems.
  • Your hours of business operation
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